Home News iPad 2 Graphics – Is It Really Faster Than Motorola Xoom?

Apple’s iPad 2 continues to give an exemplary performance when compared to the Motorola Xoom which is considered as its most capable rival and even to its own predecessor too. The feature now in compare is its graphics performance and it seems to out beat both.

The rumor is that the iPad 2 is nine-times-faster in graphic performance when compared to the original iPad as claimed by Apple, some seem to say that people may have gone way over the top this time when it comes to their exaggerations with the performance of the iPad 2. One of the industry experts, says “ I am not sure that you’ll ever see 9x running real game code.” The reviewer went to the extent of looking for ways to prove his statement using GLBenchmark 2.0, where he compared the performance of the iPad 2 with Motorola Xoom and found it to be  2 to 7 times faster than the Tegra 2-packing Motorola Xoom tablet and  3 and 7 times faster than the iPad 1 which really took him by surprise.
Apple has earned the named “stretcher,”  Apple  claimed that the iPad 2 was twice as fast as the iPad 1 when compared to speed. When the iPad 1and 2 were compared, the iPad 1 had a single-core A4 processor and the iPad 2 has a dual-core A5,  comparing their speeds its was  found that the newer A5 is only 66% faster , falling short of 34% as per the speed claimed by Apple.

iPad 2 took a second blow when  iSuppli , a company that acts as a autopsy performer on gadgets, it dissects them and determines the price of the individual components of the gadget and compares it with the retail price. As per iSuppli the 32GB 3G iPad 2 that retails for $729 has parts that are worth $326.60 in the AT&T version, and the Verizon version’s parts cost $323.35. All of which could create a negative  turn on Apple’s name.

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