Home News Ipad 2 is expected in March

Thinking of ordering a new iPad? Then you might be on the waiting list. Apple Inc’s new iPad would be delivered on June instead of April. This delay supposedly arose after Apple made design changes.

This delay might give a good opportunity for the companies producing Android running tablets like Samsung, HP, Motorola, HTC which are in tough competition with Apple. Some sources say that the slight shipping delay for the Wi-fi iPad is not because of the hardware production and simply due to software. While considering the expertise they have, we hope Apple to solve it quickly.

However there are conflicting reports pouring in claiming that the ipad 2 will be launched in California as soon as March 2nd. The new version of iPad is expected to be faster, thinner, and lighter and might have front and rear-facing cameras. Only Apple has the answers to all our questions and doubts.

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