Home News iPad 2 is Unlocked and SIM Card Slot is Found

The launch of iPad 2′s on March 2nd have got people thinking whether or not the 3G GSM model would be locked and the most important question is “ Does it have a SIM card slot and where is it ?”

As the iPad 2 is designed to be very thin, many believe that  it would be difficult for Apple to actually place the SIM card slot on the device’s side. But for people who have seen it, the answer is very clear , the iPad 2 the SIM card slot is on the top-left of the device.
“ A mystery port”, “Now what is that ?” this is the next  interesting news about the  iPad 2 , the early iPad 2 cases feature a “ A mystery port” on the left side of the device, as the name goes the port is still a mystery as people have tried placing all sorts of devices in place and the clue of it ‘s use is still to be found.

To bring your worries to an end,  the secret is out, you’ll be able to find the new GSM version of the iPad 2 unlocked in most markets. But which market is yet to be known, most likely people will get to know the answer to that on March 11th  for the U.S and internationally the word won’t be out till late March.

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