Home News iPad 2 Queue Spot Sold for $900

A college student sold her first spot in iPad 2 queue for $900 and has made money for almost two iPads.

Amanda Foote is a college student from New York, who had been waiting for 41 long hours in the queue, to get an new iPad 2. But she stunned the crowd waiting outside the Apple retail store by selling her first spot for $900 for an app developer, Hazem Sayed.

Sayed had to accept the offer from the Manhattan Community College student, as he was on the way for a business trip and wanted to have a new iPad 2 with him. The cheapest version of the tablet is available for $499. So can you guess the weekend planning of the student with the easy money – Tickets to Lady Gaga concert.

These kind of things happened during the launch of iPhone 4 too. People sell spots in the queue for $1200.

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