Home News iPad 2 Shipment In 2-3 Weeks

Good news Apple fanáticos! What was once a month long wait to get an iPad 2 has now been whittled  down to 2-3 weeks. For the past few weeks reports have been circulating the internet that Apple is struggling to meet iPad demands due to the effects of Japan’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by tsunami. Apple component suppliers found it difficult to keep the production running since some of their facilities were badly damaged and they had issues with transportation. But the tech giant made some alternate plans and it looks like it has worked! The shipment times for online orders has been considerably  been reduced.

Some buyers even got to play with their new toy within a week of ordering it online. Apple is all jazzed up to meet the current demands and with its new TV commercial and faster shipping times the company is so sure that it can attract more number of customers. While a select few have received their iPad in a short time others are still left to wait for over a month.

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