Home News iPad 2 Shortages Pushing Deliveries 4-5 Weeks

We all were there when the release of the iPad 2 took place, people were just bobbing about with excitement and waiting in lines to be one of the few to get there hands on the iPad. Sadly many of them who went to the stores didn’t return with what they hoped for. Many were first asked to come back after a few hours, then if became days and weeks and now the wait is for a month and more.  The iPad 2 is now being shipped 4-5 weeks from the date that you order it on the Apple online store, now you can sit back and relax and wait for another month for your iPad 2 to show up at your door. How does that sound? Frustrating? Yes it does seem like Apple has fallen of their rocker. To add to this the iPad 3 is to show up pretty soon about 11 months from the time to receive your iPad 2 that you have ordered today, the next one in line would be out with new and advanced features. Now wouldn’t that be a shame.
Not only Apple’s online stores, even their retail stores have been hit hard finding themselves sending customers home with products they didn’t actually have in mind or some with just disappointment of not buying any. The disappointment was huge for customers longing to put their hands on their very own iPad 2 especially for the ones buying one for the first time, the wait was made longer and longer for the shipping time changed from days to weeks with in a period of hours.

A day later on March 12th it again went from 3weeks to a month and now we’re at 4-5 weeks for all 18 models. If your desperate and need to have it as soon as possible, I think you find it a lot better trying one of your nearest local Apple Stores for they are expecting some new iPad 2 shipments to come in. Hurry !!!!!! they would be opening early tomorrow morning, don’t go empty handed again.

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