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iFixit is well know as a company that cannot keep their hands of  any new gadget that comes into the market, likewise the craze and the curiosity to know what is in the iPad 2 was on and they have finally quenched their thirst of knowledge about the iPad 2.

As expected a team from iFixit got their hands on to a iPad 2, and tore it apart to view and reveal the second generation tablets working mechanisms and other internal glory. They even managed to open Apple’s new Smart Covers.
“The magnetic magic of the Smart Cover is owed all to the 21 two-pole magnets” said the iFixit team who worked on the iPad 2. Along with this there are  ten more magnets found within the iPad 2,  making a total of 31 magnets and all of them work together.

They also added that not all of the magnets of the Smart cover did the trick of wake/sleep , but even the others could do the same but they were less involved(All of this can be seen in the pictures on your screen).

As we all normally do look up to iFixit for advise on solving any technological problems, one report that they would humorously like to add is, “once you have sliced a smart phone cover you can forget about repairing it.”

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    • Yes you should protect your credit card with special covers available for this purpose. As the Smart Cover & iPad 2 has totally got 31 magnets.

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