Home News iPad 2’s Glass Thinner But Stronger

It is a common conception that when something looks thin, it is probably weak.  In iPad 2’s case this has been proven wrong. We all are aware that iPad 2’s glass is about 27% thinner than iPad 1. So the users were under the impression,the thinner the glass the weaker it will be. But the phone repair experts at iFixyouri proved that to be incorrect. They performed a few tests to try and break the glass. It seems like iPad 2’s glass is actually stronger than its predecessor. When these experts tried to break the glass with their hands, they found it a little harder to crack iPad 2’s glass because of its flexibility. This will help in absorbing shock and will be durable in the long run. But when they tried to break iPad1’s glass, it shattered to pieces with a loud bang.

You know what they say, Looks can be deceiving!

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