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The fact is really sad, many of Apple’s rivals are trying to compete with Apple’s iPad, but seem to fail miserably. The point that they are actually missing is that, they should focus more on the software than on the hardware, which is what they are currently concentrating on. The real sad thing was, when Justin Williams a blogger went through the Android market just to count the number of apps that they have. The number that he came up with was very pityfull, of just seventeen apps.

Justin Williams said:

“My criteria for considering an app for this list is that it either requires Android 3.0 or have its user interface be specifically designed for a tablet experience. I didn’t count games or existing Android apps that are just upconverted to take advantage of the existing screen real estate. Based on my criteria, I found 20 apps in the Android Marketplace for the Motorola Xoom.”

Apple being the first to introduce an iPad really paid off, they were able to come up with 65,000 apps and more specially created for the iPad within a year after its launch. Then there was the sale and the share market hitting its peaks.

According to Job, they had sold nearly 15 million iPads with in a period of nine months, which was “more than any tablet PC ever sold,” according to him. At the launch of the iPad 2 Jobs made it a point to mention,

“That compares to our competitors, who are trying to launch these days with at most 100 apps. And I think we’re being a little generous here. This is a huge advantage we have.”

Apple’s competitors should take a deep breath and think for a moment on what they are competing against. Looking at the numbers, they are staggering figures, the iPad swept the market shares by 90% in the year 2010, making a revenue of 10 billion dollars , then there was the shipping of a hundred million iPhone’s across the world, they are also the proud owners of 200 million accounts on the iTunes Store with a lot of credit cards attached to it which is just a one click a way to purchase, which also gave out a revenue of two billion dollars to its developers with Apple receiving 30 % of it.

A person would need to catch their breath just to talk about this, imagine owning it. Now that’s too big a shoe to fill.

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