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ChangeWave’s  February survey  is out. It showed that U.S. professionals and early-adopter consumers continue to turn to the iPad, even without the release of the iPad 2,  in terms of  tablet purchases as of the research. 82% is the number we are talking about in relation to purchase of  tablets or interests in purchasing iPads, in contrast with competitors like Motorola Xoom, Research in Motion BlackBerry PlayBook, and Samsung Galaxy Tab who were barely able to scoop up  3-4% range each
Apple finding it self in the “safe zone” or “happy zone” as you can say for the consumer satisfaction ratings are blowing sky high with 70% of users registering as “very satisfied” and an additional and 25% marking them at “somewhat satisfied” in regards to the iPad. This does really sound great.

Taking a closer look at the tablets, they too can be linked on the victory scale next to the iPad for they continue buy into people’s plans of  purchasing devices of eReaders and portable PCs. As per the survey 17% of tablet-owning respondents reported that their ideas to posses any other device were canceled because of their interest towards owning a tablet. To add to this 10-11% of fall was faced by Netbooks and traditional notebooks as well for tablet purchasers decided to cancel on them.

The final survey was made on the services that the users would prefer when they purchase an iPad, according to ChangeWave  24% of customers planned to purchase AT&T service,  27% voted for Wi-Fi, with  17% planning to use Verizon service, leaving  30% who were yet to decide. But to their surprise Apple unveiled the new iPad with built-in support for Verizon’s network. Now for customers who are interested with Verizon’s  service they would have to be con tent with Wi-Fi iPad models paired with MiFi hotspot devices which applies to the original iPad.

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