Home News iPad Mini – A Sure Winner

As expected Apple has launched the iPad Mini, which is a scaled down version of the iPad 2. But it has Siri and the Nano sim tray which are not it in the iPad 2. It has the processor of the iPad 2, so we can expect the same kind of performance.


The iPad Mini is so slim that, it is only as thick as a pencil, it is so small and handy that you can hold it in one hand. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go. It is so cool to have this device. All major technology experts have praised the iPad Mini, and said it is going to be a huge success. It is mainly targeted at the eduction sector, where more and more schools and universities have started using it. And iPad Mini will be the best choice for them. Also this be a good competitor among the mini tablet market where Android tablets have the major share. In the overall tablet market where already iPad is the leader this will provide Apple much more share to dominate it competitors. Based on these facts the iPad Mini which is coming out in the holiday season will be a sure winner.

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