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Things that people come up with when they are planing a proposal is really shocking. There’s another man gone wild with his proposal, going down on one knee asking his lady love to marry him not with a ring but with an iPad in hand, engraved on it “ Will You Marry Me ”. The answer was a big “ Yes” off course and now Jordan and Jessica start off their path on the way to their marriage with an iPad to show that they are engaged.

Some may think its weird or unromantic or view him as someone looking for ten minutes of fame. But everyone deserves a chance to make a memorable proposal to their wife to be. Lets see what Jordan had to say about his proposal to Jessica,

“I just wanted to share my excitement for Apple’s latest magical device bringing a little magic into my life! I stayed up all night to order my iPad with the inscription “Will You Marry Me?” Received mine this Monday, Took my then-girlfriend, Jessica, up to the National Redwood Forrest in Northern CA. After having to cross a river on a downed Redwood and dealing with the intermittent rain I found the largest tree in the world I knelled down and gave it my best! Whether it was something I said or “Apple’s Magic” in action she gushed and said YES, now give me my iPad!!”

All we wish for, is for the iPad couple to be happy.

“Wishing you the very best Jordan and Jessica”

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