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According to Consumer reports tablet ratings, iPad 2 has topped the list.  They found iPad 2 to be the best in the market among nine other competitors. A  number of tablets from Dell, archos, Samsung, Motorola  and ViewSonic along with several models of Apple were tested.

Each tablet was evaluated on 17 criteria, including touch-screen responsiveness, versatility, portability, screen glare, and ease of use, and testers found several models that outperformed the rest. The Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi plus 3G (32G), $730, topped the Ratings, scoring Excellent in nearly every category. The first-generation iPad, $580, also outscored many of the other models tested but tied with the Motorola Xoom, $800.

There was a tough battle between Motorola Xoom and Apple’s iPad, but you know who would have taken the winner’s stand in the end. Xoom was considered to be a tough competitor to Apple when it was launched. But it did not score well when it came to its ease of use and portability. Apple’s varied versions of iPads took the top four positions in the rating and Motorola was the only non-Apple product that took the fifth position. Samsung’s Galaxy tablet took the sixth spot and it received a “Buy” recommendation from Consumer reports. It is important to know that this Galaxy tablet was also considered a contender for iPad 2 a few weeks back after undergoing a make over.

What puts  Apple in the limelight? Well it starts with all the small details that impress the user along with quality, size and cost. The thinner version of iPad is compact, easy to use and above all the demand for iPad increases every day.

If you are planning to buy a notebook that is not the list then Consumer reports has flash news for you. It has listed certain minus points when it comes to HP Slate, BlackBerry playbook and RIM.

I would definitely say that Consumer Reports have done a good job narrowing down our options and has made our life easier when it comes to buying tablets.

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