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Friday 4 a.m, was the time at which the iPad 2 went on sale. The effects were huge in relation to sales on that day, as the overwhelming demand of the iPad 2 squashed Apple’s website and warehouse supply.

This is the second tablet released by Apple which is equipped with offers front and back facing cameras,  a dual-core processor, its 8.8 millimetres that is  33 per cent thinner than the first iPad and as you can see Apple’s newer version  features many more improvements when compared  to  the previous version.
Due to the great demand much more that the one expected the advertised shipping times  have slipped down way beyond, first it was just a matter of hours, then it went to days and now it has be changed to weeks.

There are several observers and analysts who have a close eye on the market of iPad 2 and as per their remark, they seem to say that the new tablet will go a long way and continue to dominate the market blowing away competitors like RIM, Motorola and Samsung who choose to release similar products into the market today. The features you could expect for the cheapest version of iPad 2 would be 16GB of storage with a Wi-fi only connectivity only  and going for a price of  $499 US. If you’d like to add a AT&T or Verizon 3G connection and double your  storage capacity the  price would work up to $829.

“Apple has locked up the market” says Rob Enderle, technology analyst at Enderle Group, as Apple has made a perfect move by  releasing the first consumer tablet even before its  first competition hits the market.  Enderle adds saying “They’ve done enough with the new release to hold off everyone for this year, but Apple owns the market, and this makes it hard for others to come after them,”

As of now Canadians may have to be a little patient and wait longer a little longer than March 25 the presumed date for the iPad 2 to go on sale in Canada as the current supplies have already been exhausted.

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