Home News iPad2 might switch from IPS to Samsung Super PLS Display

The present version of iPad as well as the iPhone 4 uses a technology called IPS, (In-Plane Switching) as it provides outstanding viewing angles. In November, Samsung showcased its Super PLS (Plane to Line Switching) display which gained lot of attention from all over the world.

A new report saying that Apple’s upcoming iPad 2 may have Super Plane to Line Switching(PLS) to improve the display from its (IPS) In-Plane Switching. The viewing angles are displayed brighter, better contrast using the PLS. Moreover, It costs less that 15% to manufacture than IPS displays.

More buzz is happening around the release of iPad 2. It is expected to be launched during this year. It would be a surrprise, Apple may use the Plane to Line Switching display in the iPad 2 to provide better display.

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