Home News Lining up for the first ipad 2

Just three days to go and many seem to be excited about the release of ipad 2. The excitement, has reached its peak for one of Apples fans, as he has camped out of  the Apple store in Texas.

The first line is  already forming and the first one in line is  Apple’s  fan Justin Wagoner and he wants to be the first to have a ipad 2 . Wagoner has set up camp outside an Apple Store in Dallas, Texas. We have a snap of his tent taken outside the apple store by a MacCast Reader.
The gun goes off for sales on Friday at 5PM for iPad 2. As apple is not taking preorders, Apple fans are in line to be the first to be served. This is not the first time for Wagoner, as he is already known for camping out of the Apple store  wanting to be the first in line for the iPhone 4 last year. Just to add a little note on the ipad, there are plenty of nice improvements and it has been designed to be thinner, faster with some new features like cameras.

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