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Home News Meteovista HD: The Personalized Weather App For iPad

Meteovista HD is an app created for users who would like to keep track of weather for various purposes. The app is created specifically for iPad and can be customized in various ways, enabling users to add widget from 6 different categories. It provides worldwide weather and is suitable both for travelers as well as for people who simply prefer to keep track of the weather caprices. It comes with a wide variety of features and enables iPad owners to see solely the information selected.


* Ability to Add Various Widgets

The app provides various widgets which can be easily added to the main screen. There are 6 different categories which can be used in this regard, each containing interesting tools which showcase various aspects of weather.

Meteovista HD for iPad

* Favorite Places and Activities can be displayed Side by Side

With the aid of widgets, users can display favorite activities and places side by side, keeping track of the weather aspect for each of them. The app enables owners to keep track of weather for various purposes such as cycling, barbequing, water sports, seasonal clothing, etc.

* Widgets can be organized on Different Pages

Meteovista HD users can add widgets to multiple pages based on importance. Thus, keeping track of weather in various regions becomes easier than ever, while the app allows anyone to see whether weather conditions are suitable for various activities (i.e. jogging, walking, etc.) or not.

* Detailed 48-hour Meteo Conditions

Users can see hour-by-hour forecast for up to 2 days in advance, thus being able to always be prepared for unforeseen events and activities scheduled at a certain time.

* 14-day Forecast any Country

With the aid of Meteovista HD users can see a detailed 14-day forecast in any country of the world. Specific cities or regions can also be found inside the app.

* Weather Conditions via Push Messaging

People who would like to be alerted for severe weather events or conditions can choose to enable push messaging notifications, which automatically alert the user when such events take place.

* Weather Ratings for Different Events

Users of Meteovista HD will receive a weather rating for selected activities, thus being able to know whether the meteo conditions are suitable for practice or not.

iPad Meteovista HD App* Sharing Weather with Friends

Finally, users can choose to share weather conditions with friends via social networks or email, thus keeping them alerted in regard to the various weather caprices.

Design and Usability:

Although Meteovista HD’s interface is not the most graphically-intensive, it does display weather events clearly and with no hassle. Based on a white background, the app enables users to choose between various functional widgets which serve different purposes.

Functionality and Application Performance:

In version 1.2.1 the app has been optimized for better user performance, anyone being able to use it smoothly as long as a device with iOS 6, 7 or 8 is present. The app is highly responsive and capable of updating weather in real time.


Overall, Meteovista HD is an app which performs excellently for iPad users who seek detailed weather forecasts and alerts. It is compatible with the newest iOS 8 and can be downloaded free of charge from App Store.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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