Home News More First Batch iPad 2s Are Ready For Sale

The last few weeks after the iPad 2’s launch were the most disappointing of all  with people waking up at 1AM on March 11th to place orders on iPad 2s. Apple started the shipment of 16GB iPads earlier in the week, but the real work is yet to be done which is the making of the more “Beefier iPad 2s”. Well at least that how many are referring to the 32GB 3G model.
The Smart Cover got delivered today, but it seems that Apple wants to hold onto to the delivery of the pre-ordered units for some time, as many of the customers who made their order a few minutes from the time that the site went live are still to receive their device. As the device was presumably shipped out today, you could probably lay your eyes on your very own 32GB+ iPad 2 3G on Monday.

However after this disaster in a launch we have experienced we don’t think we would see this happening again in the next launches by Apple to come. As per Apples view they were actually shocked at the demand faced by the company for the iPad 2, and they weren’t prepared for the numbers required to run a hassle -free launch. However the next time they would be ready.

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