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As we already have experienced it, we all know of the Photoshop Express app for iPhone’s and iPad’s that Adobe has brought out for us, and how it helps us with with image editing as we go. The efficiency of this app is well known, it has border presets, color correction and image cropping tools, and a bunch of filters too and they are all for free. The app is good for multitasking, it has a pretty good look on the Retina Display and also enables cloud integration via Photoshop.com.

The only draw back of using such an app would be, that it lacks layers unlike the one that could be used on the desktop. Its like, they have heard our plea and answered it for the next update would have the layer support along with tweaks which would allow you to compare the work that you have done from the original picture, this is off course the information gotten from Photography Bay, and we are hoping that they are right.We won’t be needing to wait too long before we have this app all to ourselves, for it should be out in the app store in a short while.

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