Home News No iPad 3 in 2011

Many predicted Apple to release another version of iPad this year. But Apple has killed this rumor during the iPad 2 event.

To face the severe competition for Android tables, Apple is said to have rushed with the new version of iPad. Many critics call iPad 2 as iPad 1.5 and said iPad 3 would be the real iPad 2. So, Apple fans hoped for another new version of iPad within 2011.
But Apple has put an end to these kinds of speculations during the iPad 2 launch event. While naming 2010 as the year of iPad, it called 2011 as the year of iPad 2. (see picture) Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself clearly stated that “we think 2011 is going to be the year of iPad 2”, in that event. So no more new versions this year.

Let us wait and watch the tablets competition.

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