Home News No Retina Display in iPad 2

Apple is expected to give Retina Display to its iPad 2. But now it seems like, the new iPad to get released with the current resolution.

Retina Display is one of the attractive features of iPhone. But Apple launched iPad with the usual 1024 × 768 resolution. It planned to give Retina Display in the next edition of iPad. But due to economic feasibility, iPad 2 is going to get packed with current resolution.


John Gruber, a developer from Daring Fireball says, “I asked around, and according to my sources, it is too good to be true: the iPad 2 does not have a retina display. I believe the iPad 2’s display will remain at 1024 × 768. Its display may be improved in other ways — brighter, better power consumption, thinner, perhaps. Maybe it uses the new manufacturing technique Apple introduced with the iPhone 4 display, which brings the LCD closer to the surface of the touchscreen glass — making it look more like pixels on glass rather than pixels under glass. But my sources are pretty sure that it’s not 2048 × 1536 or any other “super high resolution”.

Now the iPad fans have to wait for the iPad 3 and hope to find the higher resolution in it.

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