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Home News NYTimes Launches Full Version Of Its iPad App For Free

NYTimes has announced today the launch of its fully featured iPad app for free from the App Store. The app has the same interface of its previous version with added up fully featured content. Since the app falls under free category, you can see sponsors inside the app which is completely acceptable. The good news is, the NYTimes app will be available for free till this year end.  During this period of time, you can register a free account with NYTimes to access featured contents.

NYTimes has reported, the paid version of this app will be available by the first month of 2010. So utilize it until its free.

NYTimes get free for the iPad

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  1. Marvellous app really! It's awesome not only because it's so smart and powerful but also users can get it for completely free while most other news apps whose resources aren't anywhere near their counterpart of NYT provide their services at a ridiculously high price.

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