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iPad 2 has been launched! As expected its forerunner’s price has been slashed to clear out the stocks and also to promote iPad 2’s market.

Apple seems to know the pulse of its customers and above all the art of marketing its products. Apple enthusiasts have welcomed the new iPad 2 with open arms and the price factor has left a sense of joy when compared to the other tablets in the market.  After hours of its release thousands of users traded the original version of iPad for the new one. The fact that the new version is priced at the same cost as iPad 1 will attract a lot of customers and lure them into buying iPad 2.

While Apple lovers rush to the nearest retail store to buy their long-awaited device which has a brand new look and has attracted so many around the globe. For obvious reasons the focus has been shifted from the original iPad to the new comer. Weeks before iPad 2’s arrival some retailers slashed the prices for the first-generation iPad. The prices have gone down to $399 for 16GB with Wi-Fi and $729 for 64GB along with Wi-fi and 3G. Basically there is a $100 cut in the older version. This might help in clearing out the product stock. Apple’s competitor, Motorola launched its Android tablet Xoom a week before iPad 2’s launch. Though Apple might be a latecomer, its cost cutting technique of the older version along with putting an affordable price tag on iPad 2’s 16GB, Wi-Fi version might help in catching up the market in no time.  Refurbished first –generation iPads are also available with the basic version for $349 and the higher version with 3G, 64GB and Wi-Fi for $659. The new prices are available through a special clearance page.

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