Home News Ping Kills Battery Life

Apple has added a few features to the much panned Ping, a social network service created exclusively for music that exists only with iTunes. The added features include push notifications for comments, follow requests and parental controls. Ping has undergone a face lift to satisfy the users and also to increase the market value. Apple is keen on showing the real ability of ping to its users. Ping received bad crtisicm when it was introduced because it was not connected with any other social network and  focussed largely on selling music.

In spite of a makeover users are still not happy with this music-centered social network since it eats up ipad and iphone’s battery power. But users  need not worry about it.Ping can be easily disabled by following a simple set of instructions.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on General, then Restrictions.
  • Select Enable Restrictions.
  • Enter a four-digit password.
  • Disable Ping.

That sounds pretty simple,right? The social music recommendation service will not be available on your iPad/iPhone. But that little sacrifice can be made for a long lasting battery life. Some users have reported that their battery life improved  after deactivating Ping. In addition to this turning off your GPS and Wi-fi when you are not using it also saves charge.

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