Home News President Obama Uses iPad 2

From a banker to a billionaire, photographer to President, everyone has a predilection for iPad.  It seems like Uncle Sam’s law maker has a thing for Apple’s products. There were pictures of him using the Mac and signing iPads during his presidential campaign. Obama dined with Steve Jobs and other tech executives recently and we have noticed something.  Mr. President uses an iPad 2. That would have definitely made Mr. Jobs’ day. It was not clear of he uses gray polyurethane Smart Cover or a beige leather one. In the picture he is carrying the device with the cover open. Not much use for the Smart Cover there! Those interested could check the official pictures at The White House channel on Flickr.

In an interview with Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos , Obama told everyone that he owns an iPad and his own computer. Watch the video below.

It actually feels wonderful and good to know someone very powerful and influential as the President is using Apple’s products. Apple could use this fact in its next marketing campaign.It is one of the biggest rewards Apple could get.

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