Home News Robbers Caught by an iPad App

A man living in Quakers Hill caught the robbers, who had broken into his house during his absence, with his iPad.

App Store has variety of applications and this particular one looks to be specialized in catching thieves. It is Mobile Me. Strange? Read the story further to know more. A man living in Samson Avenue of Quakers Hill, found his home looted, when he returned on Sunday afternoon.
It was found that robbers had entered the house by breaking kitchen window and stolen $15,000 worth property including jewels, camera, laptop, iPad etc., The victim used the GPS tracking system Mobile Me to track the stolen iPad and found the thieves. The police arrested a 22-year-old female and 26-year-old male for the crime.

Last month a women caught the robbers using this same hardware and application combination. This is really an impressive show by Mobile Me, isn’t it?

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