Home News Samsung Demands To See iPad 3 And iPhone 5

Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung seems to be taking new twists and turns every day. Now Samsung has made the legal battle with Apple all the more “exciting” by filing motion Friday night demanding a sample of Apple’s iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Samsung is just following Apple’s path since the tech giant, last week, asked Samsung to deliver its upcoming products such as the Droid Charge, Infuse 4G, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9. Apple’s lawyers gained access for the same.

Samsung claims that it needs to see Apples future products because devices like the Droid Charge and Galaxy Tab 10.1 will presumably be in the market at the same time as the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, and Samsungs lawyers want to evaluate any possible similarities so they can prepare for further potential legal action from Apple.

But how does Samsung know about Apple’s new products. They do not know a thing for sure. Based on the reports and rumours Samsung is retaliating here.  A vital thing to be noted here is that Samsung itself does not get to see the iPad 3 and iPhone 5, but only its lawyers. Not even the engineers on both sides are permitted to have a look at the devices. When is this battle going to end? We will have to wait for the outcome.

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