Home News Samsung Not Worried Obout Apple’s Lawsuit, But Feels It Could Intensify

Samsung seems to remain calm and comfy over the lawsuit with Apple. In an interview with Wall Street Journal, the company’s president of mobile communications, J.K .Shin stated that the company is unconcerned over the legal battle with Apple.  Apple’s lawsuit was filed against Samsung saying that Samsung has copied the technology and design of iPad and iPhone for its products.

Though the company does not seem to be bothered with the fight, Shin feels that this issue could grow worse but he did not paint any detailed picture on how that might happen in the future.  Samsung is also planning to release new Android tablets, despite the legal battle with Apple.

Android is the fastest-growing platform and the market direction is headed toward Android so we’re riding the wave. When there is a market need for our own software, we will consider it but that’s not our plan at the moment. We didn’t copy Apple’s design,” Mr. Shin said. “We have used many similar designs over the past years and it [Apple’s allegation] will not be legally problematic.”

A Journal report by author Yun-Hee Kim says that Samsung is all set to launch its Galaxy Tab tablet in June in two sizes- A 10.1 inch version and a smaller 8.9 inch version.  Samsung is mainly putting some major hard work in the Android area hoping to compete with the iPad market. A cellular radio version for the fourth-generation LTE networks will be available sometime later this year in the US and South Korea. The company is aiming to ship about 7.5 million tablets and 72 million smartphones and  this year.

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