Home News The Event Of Early April: iOS 5 To Be Revealed

The question has risen, “when will Apple debut iOS 5 and MobileMe?” Some reliable sources have informed us about Apple’s  plans of conducting a media event in April to introduce iOS 5 and the new revamped MobileMe.

At the iPad 2 launch event, everyone was surprised as Apple failed to announce or disclose any news on iOS 5 or their eagerly awaited MobileMe revamp. After deep thought the action really did make sense, as the iPad 2 event was jam packed with sales figures, new software, new accessories and hardware improvements, all of which needed their presentation time, which gave very little time for the introduction of iOS 5. iOS 5  is a lot on the plate by its own and is going to need an entire event all to itself.
No worries! One can easily judge Apple and the easiest way to tell what Apple is going to do in the future is by looking at what they’ve done in the past. For example, An event debuting iOS 4  was held by Apple on April 8th, 2010, which gave  developers some time at least  two or three months to get use to the changes in the operating system before the release of the iPhone 4which was done towards late June. Presuming if that Apple would do the same with iOS 5  this year .

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