Home News The New iPad Sticks To Your Fridge

Well do you know, people are trying new things with their new iPad, even some that Apple wouldn’t have even thought that they would do. The users of the iPad clap their new iPad onto their magnetic Smart Cover and use it like a refrigerator magnet on their refrigerators at home. Now what do you think of that? Its is true people exclaim, for many of them had iPad sticking to their fridge this very morning and are proud enough to put it up on the internet. The magnetic effect created on the iPad is only because of the magnets on the flap of the Smart Cover, and the trial experts seem to say that the magnets are very powerful making it very secure. One person makes the remark saying, “I could definitely use it as a reference while cooking (read: doing FaceTime with my Mom while she tells me how to cook) without being too worried about slippage.”
Note: Don’t try this at home as anything could happen, the refrigerator at your house may not be as friendly as the other users. Take my word on it and do not loose your new iPad.

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