Home News Track Your Enemy Troops With An iPad App

From being Kindle’s competitor to tablet PC’s substitute, the iPad has done wonders. But now moving further from common people and companies, the iPad is getting ready to be used in the real battlefield by the US Army.


As soon as the US Army announced the contest for mobile apps that can be used in the battlefield, many developers saw that as a great opportunity to showcase their prowess. All these apps made for the US Army, has made its appearance in Washington this week

Textron Systems came up with an app that can detect and keep track of the movement of the troops. It tracks both allies’ position and the enemies position.

The picture above you see a Textron Employee holding the iPad with app running on it. In that screen you can see small blue houses – those have U.S troops in them. This app can be helpful for people in the command to control the troops, and to get a view of their troops at an instance. The app is running on a secure cloud called SoldiersEyes. The GPS of the system allows the soldiers to distinguish between their enemies and allies.

Now with this kind of Apps the iPad Market has further widened from the civilian to the military.

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