Home News Tsunami Causes Production Delays in iPad

iPad 2’s supply seems to be strained and the forecast is that it is not going to change any time soon. Apple ability to build more of these devices is expected to become even more strained since two of the Apple’s core component suppliers in the region have shut down temporarily to estimate damages caused by the Tsunami and the devastating earthquake on March 11. The two component suppliers in picture appear to be Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company which provides the resin to Apple for its iOS device circuit boards and Toshiba which is the manufacturer of Apple’s flash supplies.
Apple is going to have a tough time making its new iPads, iPhones and iPod touch’s for the rest of this quarter and might continue into the next quarter. It seems like Apple’s strategy to catch the tablet market before its rivals do might not work at this time and it might take a little longer than expected for the situation to turn to normal. If this turns out to be true the launch of iPhone 5 would be delayed as well and even more chaotic and line-crazy than the iPad 2’s was.

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