Home News Update Your Apps For iPad 2 : Says Apple To Developers

A  big question was raised by many when Apples iPad 2 was first introduced, was whether or not developers should update their apps to take advantage of the iPad 2′s faster, dual-core A5 SoC. Apple answers to that saying, “ no, you don’t have to, but it’ll help”

The latest news put up on the iOS Dev Center asks developers to update their apps for the iPad 2 in order to make extensive use of the new hardware seen in the iPad 2. Apple confirms that software  will  become a lot more faster if the developers readjust their software for the iPad 2 using tools like OpenGL Profiler, stressing on the fact  that most operations inside of applications will be faster just by dint of the jump to a dual-core processor .dev-center-upate_apps

The first-gen iPad gave everyone an idea of what to expect when it comes to Apple’s dream about   iPhone 4′s hardware, and we imagine the iPad 2 will be no different in this regard when it comes to the iPhone 5.

Devs are constantly urged and intimated by Apple on the benefits of enhancing  their apps, which would help create “new user experiences”, made possible by the iPad 2′s cameras and gyroscope/accelerometer combo. The release of the next iPhone, would work as a nurturing ground for developers, reaping the benefits immediately by honing their apps for the iPad 2  today.

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