Home News Who Is Buying the iPad 2?

A recent survey among a small group of iPad 2 buyers reveals that 70 percent of them are new to the device.

According to a survey conducted by an analyst Gene Munster and his team, Apple might have sold around 5,00,000 units of iPad 2. This is a much better performance, when compared to the sales figures of original iPad. Apple managed to sell only 3,00,000 units of original iPad in the opening weekend.
Munster team also surveyed a group of 236 people waiting to buy iPad 2. Among them 70% were new to the device and 51% were Mac users. Moreover, 65% of the buyers had an iPhone and 24% owned a Kindle. Only 6% of the buyers showed interest to read with an iPad.

But Munster’s figures doesn’t always reflect the real situation. In April 2010, he over estimated Apple’s iPad sales figures as 6,00,000 to 7,00,000.

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