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As you think on tablet-based newspapers, one might wonder about their progress on the subscription side and on the revenue as well. When put into comparison, WSJ’s seems to have a relatively high pricing when compared to that of the Daily which is pretty low in pricing. Now the question to be asked, is that enough, and can they get enough of people to subscribe to make a dollar show?

Even though we may ask the question in a shrill tone, the answer would come out as normal as possible as stern YES! at least when we talk on Wall Street Journal. You will be surprised at the number you’ll see with this paper,  Les Hinton the publisher of the newspaper says that the number of subscribers that subscribe to the WSJ on their tablets today have gone up four times since the last year hovering around 200,000.  And 1.6 million is the total for the paper, that would not be considered to be a bad number now, Don’t you think so?
Now coming to the daily which seems to be in a little trouble with the subscriptions and the charges for the same. The Daily, works only in one way, and can be read only on the tablet. The minor issue they are facing right now could have been an well expected one,  that they do not have enough subscribers. The Daily was  the first to go all-tablet, and the move was know to be a risk by the publishers themselves. Many keep up the hope that with all the effort and money pit in before, they are sure to work out a way to come back with a bang when the others launch their inevitable competitors.

The important thing to keep in mind is that there’s always a market and with people always ready to buy, you could never be lost.

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