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Home News YouTube Discontinuing Support For Older iOS Devices and Smart TV’s

If You Can’t Upgrade, You Might Not Be Able To YouTube

Users of older iOS devices and Google devices discovered this week that native YouTube Apps aren’t working. The reason for this is an upgrade to YouTube’s API, which has deprecated features that made the older YouTube Apps workable. Because of this, workarounds as well as upgrades are being suggested.

For users with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, there is no real problem so long as your device has been upgraded to iOS 7, which will still have working native apps. Devices that have not been upgraded, however, will “break” YouTube, which will not work. The earliest iPhone that would therefore still work would be the iPhone 4. Devices which have topped off with iOS 6, however, will have to work with YouTube’s mobile site through the Safari Browser. While this is an inconvenience, access to YouTube is not broken altogether. The same, however, cannot be said for the items coming up next.

YouTube App No Longer Available on Older Apple TV, iOS devices

A lot of older devices that don’t generally get operating system upgrades will have lost access to YouTube altogether, their app replaced with a video explaining the need to upgrade. Apple’s first- and second-generation model TV’s no longer work with YouTube at all. But Apple’s not the only hardware provider affected: a number of Google-based devices will no longer work either. Older Sony and Panasonic smart TV’s and Blue-Ray disc boxes with YouTube built in, for example, are no longer able to reach YouTube. The same goes for the Playstation Vita, as well as a number of older set-top boxes. 

Verdict: If you have an older generation iPhone, using YouTube through its mobile version isn’t a major inconvenience. But for users with other devices cancelled by YouTube’s latest move, it may finally be time to consider an upgrade.

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