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When Apple iPad was launched, it was known as an Internet gadget and some say its a gadget for corporates and some say its for students. People would have never expected, iPad would be so good at games. Well, if you still haven’t experienced the gaming side of iPad, here are the list of apps you need to try out.

Real Racing HD

Want to experience the real thrill of racing cars, then this app will satisfy you. Real racing HD is a great game that shows off iPad’s 3D rendering capability and surprisingly even your kids can play. Wonder how? Real Racing HD render the best graphics on your iPad and the gaming control are easy to drive, excellent and especially while turning the car at corners.

Cost: $9.99

Asphalt 5

Yet another iPad game app aimed for racing game freak. Asphalt is one of the popular games available on mobile platform and now its on iPad. This is one of the awesome racing game ever made for iPad with HD graphics and audio. This app proves iPad is not just a tablet PC, but also a gaming device. So just tab, touch and tilt the iPad to drive the car and this app would really iPad a true gaming device.

Cost: $6.99

Mirror Edge

Action and adventure games are preferred by many and for those Mirror Edge is a must-have game app. Even though the game play looks as of Prince of Persia with cool movements and beautiful background, Mirrors Edge is based on the ‘sport’ of Free Running where participants run through cities jumping, sliding, vaulting over, under and through anything they can find. I found Mirror Edge easy and interesting to play in an iPad. Lets try and experience the action on your iPad.

Cost: $12.99

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