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Human beings are creatures that always want to see everything at its best no matter what the object might be it should always be at its best. Whether, its shoes, or clothes, or a laptop, everything that we have we want it to look its best, its just a natural human tendency so don’t beat yourself up for it.

Even the bag that we put our belongings in to, the very screen of our laptop or iPhone or iPad you always want to see something interesting on its screen. Isn’t it so?? yes! That is true, we are all literally drawn to anything that is attractive, weather its a color or a texture or image on a screen, our eyes are immediately drawn to it.

Its for people like us who have a wanting to such things in life that Apple has come up with a bunch of new, wonderfully attractive wall papers for your iPad. With the use of the app, “3D Wallpaper Pro”, you will get to enjoy Unique, exclusive and Original HD wallpapers that can be used as Homescreens and Lockscreens for you iPad. The images are dazzling with Pin Sharp images that do not have fuzzy Backgrounds which are perfect as Landscapes and Portraits.

There are 100’s of wallpapers that you can choose from, that are not just downloaded from the Internet, but designed and hand picked with the iPad screen in mind. Besides the effort taken in making the pictures on your wallpaper look good, the designers have also taken extra care to create a gallery where you can save up your favorite pictures for immediate access when you want to view them. If your in a dilemma on what picture to choose for your iPad screen, why not use them all and portray them as a slide show instead of using them one by one.

Show off your wallpapers to your friends through facebook and twitter. Share them through email. Do not be waltzing back and forth with pictures, preview them before you decide on what you want as a picture on your screen. Receive free updates on the app every month. Now that is the best thing that I have heard all through the day. Something else that you should know is, you do not need a WiFi to browse through your pictures. Now this is what I call a wallpaper, its self efficient, very easy to use and keeps it’s users very happy, bravo “3D Wallpaper Pro”.

Price: $ 1.99

Rating: 4/5

download from iTunes

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