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This is a wonderful app that all kids right from the age of two would love. All its bright colors with the lovely pictures that keep flashing  in and out make the app so exciting. This app is supposed to be a learning experience, but I would like to say that the kids forget they are learning and are more engrossed with the colors and little Rocky and everything gets registered in their minds subconsciously. Wish they had technology like this when I was a kid.  Books were good, but after sometime they became a bore.

Now-a-days kids are blessed they get to learn everything in the most exciting way. For example, the app has letters that show up with pictures that help the kids in forming a connection between a word and a letter. Then there is tracing on the letters for both upper case and lower case. And as the kids learn, they get to win coins that help open up locked panels of the app that have coloring pictures , matching games of images they recently encountered. The app has an inbuilt number of 26 words with images, but if there are a few words that you would like to teach your little one, then you can save in some words of your own choice as well.

So as you can see,  the app provides a total fun experience while your child learns. This app has brought about a great change in my little three year old who was finding it hard to talk.  Soon after the images from the app showed up with Rocky narrating the words , he began to catch on quick and now does everything on the app on his own and his speech has also improved drastically. Try it and I’m sure your little one will also benefit from the experience.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

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