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Most of us would have wanted to access our PC’s contents from your iOS devices. But would have wondered how to do that. ‘Remote+ Lite’ By SoundGraph Inc, is the answer to your question.


With this app you can use your large TV to see all the media contents of your PC, YouTube videos and News. Also you can use your TV as your PC’s monitor and use your iPad as a the remote control for it. It just doesn’t end there, you can use your iPad as virtual keyboard, touch pad, and also use it as a remote control to access the media files, with all the playback controls like, play, pause, next or previous track, volume control, and favorites list, queue list and you can also close the player.

The paid version of this app has other features like, navigation, application start, task switcher, task terminator and shut down. When you play a media file from your PC using this app, it will be played in you TV, the app will show the equalizer, elapsed and remaining time.

To use this app you need an iPad with iOS 4.0 or higher versions, a PC with Windows XP or higher versions. Also you need to download and install Remote+ Server on your PC, which creates the organized database of your PC’s media files, and a WiFi network.

With this Lite version of the app you have access to only 30% of the media files on your PC, along with keyboard, touch pad, player settings and configurations in the app’s control tab. As I have mentioned above, you can get the remaining features only in the paid version. Another thing that I didn’t like is that, the app will work only in a closed network environment. The developers could have made it in such a way, so that you can access our PC from anywhere in the world. But its great to have the given features in a free app. You can give this remote a try.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/ 5

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