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When I used to hear songs on my iPad, I used to think, it would be nice if it had an Cover Flow of the albums like iTunes for desktop, in my iPad. Then when I saw Album Flow in my friend’s iPad, I was surprised. It had all the features that I that I dreamed off.

Album Flow iPad App Screenshot

Album Flow was developed by Imre Katai. As you tap open the app, I got stunned to see all my iTunes downloads there. Album Flow displays all your albums as a cover flow, just as it would appear in iTunes.

And if you select one cover then it gets bigger and all the others gets tiled up in either of the corners. It also displays the selected ablum/artist’s tracks in the corner. So that you can select your favorite track and it starts playing in the media player on the other corner. In the lower right corner of the media player is the settings button using which, you can change the font of the text within the app, also you can change the background image from your the default to your favourite or even a color from its palette. You can also sort by albums or by artists.

In the top of the cover flow section you have search box, where you can search by album, artist and even by track.

I feel that the following are its main attractions :

  • You can play your favorite song the background and do other tasks on your iPad
  • You can zoom the player to fullscreen or restore to its original site.
  • You can also zoom the the cover flow to fullscreen and restore it.

Gone are the days when I used to listen in the native iPod app. Now Album Flow always plays my favorites in the background while I do other tasks. Its really worth for what I pay ($2.99). Now I also recommend this to my friends and family.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.5/5

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