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I really like story book apps in the App Store. They make kids to engage with these new mobile gadgets and know about them. It also sets us free from the burden of dealing with adamant kids, who want their dad to sit near to them always to narrate stories.

Alice & Andy is one of those apps which can really attract kids to it. This is a story about a twins – Alice (a girl) and Andy (a boy).  They receive a present from their uncle for their birthday, which changes their life  altogether. They begin their journey of exploration with that present – a globe. They begin exploring the earth, the sky and so on with the magic words “really wish”. They also meet many new friends on the way in their magic journey.
This is a original story, exclusively created for an app and designed for kids and it is filled with fun. The mature user can sense the hands of experts behind the making of the story. Yes, this is a story mingled with the lessons about the geography and natural sciences.

It has a speaker, who narrates the story to the kids, who can’t read. And there is also music. So to enjoy the whole experience, it is advisable for you to turn on the music and the sounds. This app is available in six languages English (U.S.), English (U.K.), Spanish, German, French and Portuguese.

This adventurous twins accompanied by a cat will amuse children and there is no better way for teaching science to them. This app was released few weeks back and you can’t guess it as an first version as it is almost perfect. If you have a kid in your house, this app can really entertain them for $5.99.

Rating: 4/ 5

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