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There are quite a good number of apps under the Educational iPad app, where only few are inspiring. Recently when I was in search for Kids app, I came across Alphabet Zoo – an elearning app for kids to learn English alphabets with pictures and sounds. The next moment I got it on my iPad and tried to figure out how can it help kids to learn better. To be frank, the results are surprising. So lets have a walk-through of Alphabet Zoo.

alphabet zoo ipad app review

Alphabet Zoo is a polished iPad app to help your kids learn English alphabets in an interactive way. At First, the app has an elegant interface with easy to use controls that probably help your kids to easily access the information on this app. All the alphabets are categorized by respective pictures, where some alphabets has more than two pictures line up to easily memorize the alphabets. Pictures categorized under each alphabets do come with a tooltip when it is double tapped. To me, I think the tooltip was a wonderful idea to know something about the animals listed there.

Alphabets does needs to pronounced properly and here in Alphabet Zoo, double tapping on the alphabets under each image brings you the exact pronunciation of the alphabets followed by the example. For some alphabets which contains more than two images, we need to slide to check all the pictures followed by its pronunciation.

If you are new to this app, I recommend reading the tutorial that helps you to easily spot the controls. Its because, I was stuck in the middle of app trying to go back to the home and later found out – tapping on the Alphabet Zoo title takes you to the homepage.

To my knowledge, Alphabet Zoo works great on my iPad and even my niece loves it to play. But besides all these positive ends, I felt something really lacks with this app. Usually kids are attracted by animals sound, so if Alphabet Zoo comes with specific animal sounds the app would be more lovely. Except this, the app works fabulous in making learning full of fun.

Cost: $3.99

Rating: 4.5/5

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