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iPad jailbroken controlled by mouse

Last week, we talked about iPad jailbreak from Spirit and now there’s another jailbreak that enables iPad to be controlled with a magic mouse. Sounds awesome? Exactly, I always believe iPad can be a netbook killer and jailbreaks like this, give more command to compete against netbook sales. Apple iPad basically comes with support for Bluetooth keyboard and this jailbreak actually make sense to add a mouse, which gives a complete computing experience. The best part about this jailbreak: you can use any kind of Bluetooth enabled mouse to your iPad. BTstack is the application used in jailbroken iPhone and iTouch for Bluetooth mouse support and now the same BTstack app was used to control your jailbroken iPad. This technique is quite helpful for many and I expect more jailbreaks on iPad in some weeks.

Guys, check this video. Its really cool to see iPad controlled by a magical mouse.

Source: Redmond Pie

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