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I remember playing card matching game on my PC and as years passed people started making use of portable gadgets for gaming and even I switched over from my PC to an iPad. The reason being there are thousands of iPad compatible apps on the app store, hence find a card matching game isn’t that touch. Luckily I found AudioPairs, an iPad app that works by matching two unique sounds. The game isn’t a unique idea, but the concept of matching two unique musical cards makes it more interesting.

Audiopairs for the iPad

The app has a simple User Interface and they need to be appreciated for maintain the simplicity irrespective of the features offered. Initially I found the game bit simple, but its actually not. The first few levels were quite playable and for the rest, you really need to train up your brain and ears to finish the levels.

The Gameplay

AudioPairs has three different game level based upon the rows and columns of musical cards. The three levels are 4×4, 5×6 and 8×8 with separate level points. The game is bit challenging the more you clear levels and its somewhat improves our mental concentration level. So when I started playing the game, the 4×4 was quite easy to clear many levels and after some repeated attempts I was able to successfully complete 5×6.

The multiplayer mode was challenging to compete the game against our friends. Its fun to have our friends and compete against them in a skillful way, atleast on the iPad. Finally before wrapping up my review let me list out few things that I liked about the game.

  • Support all the four orientation
  • The played sounds are randomly shuffled for the next level, so you end up in figuring out sounds of the cards at repeated attempts.
  • Multiplayer mode was real fun to play against our friends.

A good game to be played on your iPad for hours. Trust me, its a nice mental game added with some challenges. So great game to kill your lazy time.

Cost: $0.99

Rating: 4/5
download from iTunes

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