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Story of Narasimha and Hiranyakashipu

Finally, there’s a fun and addictive game that knows how to speak into your child’s mind. The Avatari is an iOS app that actually tells a story as your child progresses in each different level. If you want to keep your child busy on the phone, then this amazing app for children that only costs $1.99 is the ultimate game they will surely love, no matter their age.

Story of Narasimha and Hiranyakashipu

Here’s Why?

Created by Micheal and Michel Elkan, the Avatari game combines unique concept in the world of mobile gaming to bring fun and an excellent learning experience among children. It provides a platform to interact with the different character, and that means your child has to think critically before executing their moves. Very interactive and very educational.

If you want your child to learn how to distinguish good from evil, Avatari app is the only game that can help you achieve this. Avatari is a game that is based on the ancient Vedic history, where Hiranyakashipu, the king of demons manages to trick Lord Brahma into granting him powers that would see him become immortal forever.

Clearly, Hiranyakashipu has a motive for doing this. He believes the powers he has been granted will help him control the world and submit it into the hands of the powerful gods.

Contrary to what you’d think, this devil King does not succeed in convincing his son, Prahlad, to support his ideas. Prahlad fights for righteousness, and so he seems to be the only character from the side of the devil who supports righteousness rather than evil. Because of this, the devil king believes his powers could soon vanish. In retaliation (since he’s defending his powers), he orders his devils to execute his son Prahlad, and that’s where the adventure begins.

Hiranyakashipu Death

Why Avatari is Unique?

The gameplay is brilliant, with some of the most sophisticated graphics you’ll ever find in a mobile game. The story is told in a more vivid way, and of course with lots of action taking place. Because all kids love animation, this game is full of stunning animated characters that will surely engage them throughout the day.

How to Play?

The game was designed for users to assume the role of Prahlad, the saintly son of the devil king (quite contradicting). In the first part, your child has to go through several challenges in order to move to the next level. The second part of the game entails fighting in the warrior’s zone. In fact, this is the climax of the Avatari.

Here are a few details about Avatari:

(a) Supports iOS version 4.3 or higher
(b) Compatible with a iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
(c) The download size is only 147MB
(d) Price is only $1.99


Never let the amusement stop. Let your child experience the thrill that comes with playing Avatari. Let them learn that indeed good always prevails evil. It teaches them the relevance of good people in the society, which makes them want to emulate the good characters like Prahald.

Price: $1.99
Rating: 4/5

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