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I was quite bored of playing action and racing games all the time. To be frank, the iPad is the ideal gadget to play multiplayer games with your friends. Bake Sale Blow Up is a pretty polished and challenging game between Jenn and Josh. Jenn is a smart and a competitive girl who always loves to win always. On the other side, Josh is a popular charming figure who tends to give his best. So both of them have one thing in common – they hate losing. Bake Sale Blow Up is a multiplayer game of Jenn and Josh one to one where you need to move your team around and through food at them.

bake sale blow up iPad app review

Bake Sale Blow Up is challenging by hurling food at your opponent. Initially I struggled with the game controls as it was not much used to it, but later after playing for some three to four times, I came to know to hurl foods at a fast rate. The game has three different situations to battle against your opponent with each situation having different background. The game graphics has matched well with an elegant look to highlight the theme of food fight.

Controls and Gameplay

There isn’t much to talk about the controls as you can see the game goes around with two controls – how to throw and how to move. Talking about the gameplay Bake Sale Blow Up is addictive until the third or fourth play and after that its like doing pretty same old stuff. But if you are a student, you are going to enjoy it by playing against multiple opponents.

What I loved

  • Neat graphics that matches the concept.
  • Good set of main menu options with a separate option for Characters info and Story of the game
  • Easy controls to hurl the food
  • Good use of “Challenge shooting” option to have a practice session

What needs to be improved

  • Lack of pause or back button during the challenge.
  • The opponents can move from one side to the other side in the Cafeteria mode, this could be a flaw or might be a little trick to move on to the next side.
  • Cannot play this game single handed except the shooting challenge option to have a practice session on how to hurl the food.

Overall Bake Sale Blow is good and addictive to play with your friends. My guess is that kids would enjoy this game as well. Its funny style of hurling food is real fun to have a nice time with our friends. But if that disappoints gets fixed in their next update I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

Cost: $3.99

Rating: 3/5

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