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Forget about the default notes app that comes with the iPad, get on to Beleshka the advanced note taking apps designed with essential features that are required while making notes. Notes is sort of a widely used app to take important notes, but it really lacks adding diagrams or a custom made diagram to it. So you probably have to switch over to an third party apps to achieve that. Beleshka is creative and impressive build to satisfy what it requires while taking notes.

Beleshka ipad app review

Whenever I make a note I find it little difficult for adding diagrams to represent the information clearly. But Beleshka is designed to accommodate what we need to be in a notes app.

First of all, Beleshka is pretty advanced than any notes app that leave us behind adding text. When you launch the app, you are taken to the beautiful dashboard of Beleshka with a page and its default controls. The four buttons seen in the dashboard are File import, File export, Add new page and Trash.

The advantage of Beleshka was the support for Dropbox. So if you have a Dropbox account you can import and export files that can be accessed anywhere from the world. Documents can be exported to PDF and to Beleshka.com which can be then send to your email or to your Dropbox account respectively.

While taking notes, you can select the pencil icon to start making your own diagrams to add more sense to your notes. The auto recognition is so helpful to draw arrow marks, circles, rectangles and squares. Also users can adjust the link size, color, fill colors and pinch to increase the size of the object. The button represented by finger will let you align whatever drawn and written on the page.

Pages can be created by tapping on the plus button and finally if you feel everything is done, you can save the document and upload it to whichever means is comfortable for you.

I loved the way the app is designed but there are little aspects that needs an improvement. There is no eraser to remove any drawn objects, so every time we need to rely on undo and redo. The next thing; there can be a back button to go back to the dashboard without saving the document everytime. The pages type concept was good to change the page background, however its limited to just 3 backgrounds.  These are little factors which no way affect the quality or the usability of the app.

“A lovely notes app that I have been waiting for”

Cost: $4.99

Rating: 4/5

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