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I was looking for some interesting books, to introduce Bible to my kids. Finally I got it in the App Store. Confused? Yes this is an app for iPad.

At the first look, I realized that this is not another ebook or an audio book. It was released last month and this hot release depicts the story of Noah’s Ark. All of us know this story . It is about a man, who build an ark for the flood, which lasted for forty days and forty nights.


It has four main options- Listen, Touch and Watch,  Discover and Play. By going through Listen option users can get the story in the book format and they can also hear it. Each page is decorated with an apt image.

In Touch and Watch option, you can listen the story. A bigger image is loaded on the screen and you can animate this by shaking the iPad, touching it etc., This is really impressive. Discover has four sub-options- Character, Places, Words and Quiz. Character gives a brief introduction about every character in this story.

Places gives a glimpse about the places, the story takes place. Words lists the important words like ‘flood’, ‘rain’ etc, with its significance it the story. Quiz asks simple questions to test the young users. The Play options includes, Memory, Puzzle and Sticker. Memory tests the memory of the kids, while sticker deals with creativity. In puzzle, the user has to rearrange the squares to get a full picture.

To introduce Noah to kids, this app will be a good choice. It takes some time to load and this is understandable while considering its size (92.3MB). It is available for free at App Store. This offer is for a limited time. So hurry.

Rating: 4/ 5

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