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“Box Of Sox”- the very name of the game itself had me intrigued. I could almost feel my eyebrows come together when this app came up on the screen. It was just another day on a weekend, I was lost in loneliness as everyone was out for a movie and I was sick in bed. I was just glancing through the latest apps on the app store and every other app seemed least interesting when compared to ‘Box Of Sox’. It was the name that drew me to it.

Box Of Sox HD App Screenshots

The game involves a bunch of colorful socks that keeps falling out of your drier on your iPad and your job is to get them all matched up in pairs before the fall on the floor , or you’ll get drowned in a pile of laundry. Does that seem simple to you, well looks can deceive. The game becomes all the more challenging as you get through the levels.

Oh! yes and I almost forgot, before you waltz through the levels you’ll have to match up five different socks in a row from the others in the pile. Now that’s a challenge that is pretty hard to pull through. I spent more than two hours playing the game inspite of being sick.

The game actually lifted my spirits and got me out of bed for a while. Well it was all those colors and the theme socks and the different variety of socks that they had in the bundle that made the game even more challenging. I missed getting doused with a pile of socks nearly twice, lol. It was real fun and it has been a long time that I spent time on my own discovering things and playing games that weren’t even of my taste to start with. But now I feel that I should play the game atleast half an hour a day, to get my mind off daily chores and work.

While looking through your bundle, you’ll see a variety of socks like athletic socks, blue, brown and grey dress socks,  argyle in navy, orange, and purple that would suit Scottish golfers, camouflage socks, but my favorite would be the theme socks where you have Halloween Jack O’ Lantern to Valentine’s Day hearts. The app had literally taken me by surprise, I never realized that I would be fond of an app like this at this age. I love it and you’ll love it too, and you wont know what it has for you unless you try it.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/5

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